About Gigi Industries

Gigi group of company is based in Karachi-Pakistan. We have been operating in the industry since 1949, thus can easily claim to be the market leaders accompanied by vast experience of the field and our tradition of providing value added services to our customers. Our objective is to meet customer needs beyond their expectations.

Our Group Consists of Following companies along with the product categories:

Gigi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
Manufacturers of quality narrow fabrics/garment & hometextile accessories
Fintex Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd.
State-of-the-Art Extruded Rubber Thread, Covered Rubber and Air Covered Yarns
Ag-Gigi (Pvt.) Ltd.
Approved Manufacturers of all kinds of Woven Labels, printed Labels, Bar Codes, Hangtags, price tags, Heat Transfers and other accessories from
M&G Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd.
The nominated manufacturer of Talon® brand zippers in Pakistan
Bhadelia Industries Limited.
The manufacturers of P.P.Yarns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the global market leader in narrow fabric industry. We will develop ourselves by offering products on competitive price, quality, service and reliability. Our continuous improvement will be on product design, product development, quality standards and manufacturing performance.

We are committed to uncompromising values and conducts. We respect all laws and regulations.

We will be an open, responsive, accessible and empathetic company to our customers as our aim is to provide world-class customer service. We will build a profitable company, based on the goal of superior financial results to our owners as well as we will create a positive working environment for our employees, based on mutual respect, team work, personal growth and security.

Our philosophy

We at Gigi believe in striving to be the best in the World.

Our Vision

We believe that challenges of future require us to be committed and determined to continuous innovation and development. Our policy is to deliver the best quality and the best service for the best price.

Gigi have been known for quality products and strong customer focus. We realize that our customers’ support is our strength.

Our Quality Concern

Our prosperity is based on our commitment to consistent “Quality”. We have never compromised on our this core success factor and now to reinforce our image, we have achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification which is an authentic proof of our belief after the trust and confidence of our customers.

Our competitive edge

Customer support is our main concern. We acquire most of the raw material from our sister concerns to be able to ensure finest quality of the raw material and offer competitive prices to our customers.

We acquire Rubber Thread from Fintex Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd. (A joint venture with Malaysian Company) and Nylon & P.P. Yarn from Bhadelia Industries limited.

Our Pride

Everything we are doing at Gigi, begins with the commitment and dedication towards customer satisfaction. To achieve this objective, we strive to provide our customer with superior quality products and we take pride as our client base includes leading exporters of the country.